Kol Nidrei at Occupy Wall Street

So, I spent Friday evening at Occupy Wall Street with a group organized through my shul, CBST.

Here’s a video I shot at request of some other people who made it. It’s not spectacular quality – it’s from my Droid Incredible, and it was low enough light. Still, people were celebrating and dancing, and though typically a more somber event, the spin put on it was that we would pledge to do our best to fight injustices (and that we would not be silent on matters we believed in). Mostly, these took the form of calling Wall Street to task, but plenty were also self improvements.

Kol Nidrei at Occupy Wall Street

Needless to say, there’s a reason I enjoy being part of an extremely liberal shul. Getting involved in OWS and adding a positive voice that appealed to humanity, not anger, felt really good.

Now, full disclosure – I was a terrible Jew this past weekend. I didn’t attend services other than the OWS Kol Nidrei service, even though I should have, but honestly, I just felt like I’d end up with a bad taste for them if I spent the day there not knowing what was going on. I also didn’t fast, though my friends would attest to the fact that when you’re on as many meds as I am, and react as well as I do to lack of food, that was the best thing I could do. Still, I’d really love to be able to participate in a holiday properly.

All that said, I am meeting with my rabbi soon, hopefully, to figure out how to go about a proper conversion so that with luck, next year I’ll be attending the holidays with an idea of what’s going on. My genuine hope is to be able to truly “enjoy” the experiences of being there and dedicating myself and my time to G-d, something I feel too many don’t share. (If you have a lot of Jewish friends, particularly Secular or extremely religious ones, ask them their opinion on conversion – it reads like a list of reasons not to go into a cage with a hungry lion.) In short, if you feel this way, why is it that you believe G-d gives even the slightest shit about what happens to you in eternity? There’s no sense going to services and observing the mitzvot if you’re simply doing it out of robotic obedience.

(I should note that I’m not implying that any of my friends are doing this, it’s a general observation.)

Anyway, it’s time for me to reach out to that rabbi and get on this. I should be putting a bit of money into classes and such, and not upgrading my car (even though my clutch is shot, and I really think it needs to be upgraded!).


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I'm just a small town girl... err, no, wrong song. I'm a very modern girl... you could even say a new girl. I'm a trans woman living around (and soon, in) NYC who has recently found her way to G-d, and is seeking answers. I am trying to convert to Judaism, and I feel that I am being called to not only be among the Chosen People, but to be one of them. View all posts by jewess-Q

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