Socially Promiscuous

So this post is quite old, and I’m a bit at a loss to explain how I never finished it except for all the aforementioned overabundance of stuff to write about. Here goes at writing about something I sort of left behind. This was started shortly after the Philly Trans Health Conference (PTHC), an exciting event for me but which was filled with sorrowful reminders of my dear friend, Stacy.

With that in mind, I transport you magically back two months in time:

This weekend was a bit of an eye opener for me. I’ve talked before about having a much more open mind these days than ever before – it’s very unusual for me. That being said, this weekend I had the pleasure of being so much more socially active than I’d ever experienced in my life, and I have to say it was a blast. I used the word ‘Promiscuous’ with good cause as well. I spent the weekend being the biggest flirt I’ve ever been, coming on to just about anyone I found attractive.

I know, I know, this is a good and a bad thing – there are many conflicting reasons that this isn’t a great idea (appearing desperate (I did, ask my roommates), being seen as slutty, being too forward), but it was a lot of fun and a very safe environment to make a move on people. There was no real fear of an angry rejection, one likely to out me to people who wouldn’t approve of my lifestyle, and less fear of rejection overall. To my disappointment, I failed in this objective, but nonetheless, it was relieving to shake some of my fear in approaching people.

My biggest accomplishment that weekend though was meeting so many new wonderful people, and getting to know many of them under better circumstances than previously. I got to know The Penguin a good deal better – not named so because of any physical comparison, but because of her obsession with a special penguin we geeks know, and no, not Pen Pen. I originally met her at Stacy’s wake and funeral, and obviously, it was a very difficult time for any of us to really open up and speak about ourselves.

My roommate, well, that’s a special one right there. A friend of Stacy’s originally from the previous PTHC, California Girl was pretty much amazing. I don’t wish they all could be California Girls, but this one was awesome. We talked about our transitions and how they’ve really come to define us, both to ourselves and to those who surround us, for good or bad, we shared a morning of excitement when we thought we found a bed bug (what we found was much larger, and just as creepy, though harmless), and just generally had a great time.

For all of the other girls I met there, know that I haven’t and won’t forget you all – I have so many more friends than I ever anticipated now, and you have all been wonderful to get to know since the end of the conference. Simply an incredible experience, and I hope it’s only better next year.


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I'm just a small town girl... err, no, wrong song. I'm a very modern girl... you could even say a new girl. I'm a trans woman living around (and soon, in) NYC who has recently found her way to G-d, and is seeking answers. I am trying to convert to Judaism, and I feel that I am being called to not only be among the Chosen People, but to be one of them. View all posts by jewess-Q

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