An Explanation: My Username

So, my aforementioned “long term ex”, posting here as “Super Secret,” but known as “The XX” in future posts, took her extraordinary skills to my username and in a remarkable display of literary prowess, has dubbed me “jewess-Q,” to be pronounced like the title of the blog, “jewesque.”

While I don’t identify exactly as Queer, though I suppose it does apply, it was far too witty to simply pass up. This is exactly why we get along as well as we do – I dunno, do we get along? We are so seriously on the same wavelength. Much like Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters 1, and the “psychic” woman from his experiments at the beginning of the movie, “I was just about to say ‘Eight o’clock?’ You are a legitimate¬†phenomenon.” She and I routinely finish each others thoughts, or, sometimes, as in these cases, she just has them for me.


About jewess-Q

I'm just a small town girl... err, no, wrong song. I'm a very modern girl... you could even say a new girl. I'm a trans woman living around (and soon, in) NYC who has recently found her way to G-d, and is seeking answers. I am trying to convert to Judaism, and I feel that I am being called to not only be among the Chosen People, but to be one of them. View all posts by jewess-Q

One response to “An Explanation: My Username

  • Francesca

    I’m commenting on the blog as a whole here; not just this post. Thanks, Kathryn, for letting me know you’re doing this. It will be good for you to write your story this way; telling it as it unfolds. You write more eloquently than you speak (about your most meaningful experiences.)
    Even though you’ve chosen a different path from mine, I am just very happy that you have finally allowed faith to catch up with you. Your life will be so blessed (and you’ll have so many opportunities to be a blessing). Of course, that’s already true…
    Hoping to see you in Philly next week!

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